Although we all agree scruff looks great and most men want to keep a nice clean-cut jaw and show off those jaw lines, some live with that stubble because there is no alternative! The other side of the story from a man’s point of view of having to live with that stub may make you sad.

We know you want to recreate Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar-winning performance from the revenant, but that’s not happening with that stub you have hanging around your face.


  • Having a hard time growing out that beard? Well then, let’s tell you this. This beard will test the sands of times while you apply every possible totka prescribed by Zubaida aapa to your face.


  • At times, all the effort put into it may time and time again, fail you.


  • Family members might complain you look “horrible” or you should stop looking like you’re either too broke for the barber or you don’t own a razor.


  • Friends will comment on how you look like a “chooza” and your girlfriend will look at you with that sad look in her eyes whilst shaking her head. That said, the solution is here!


Boys in the age group of 18-22 have the hardest time with growing out facial hair. Patchy and scruffy pieces of the so-called “beard” just look downright horrible. So worry not, SAC industries gives its newly launched beard oil has all the importance in the world. This oil will not only help you grow the facial hair you want but at the same time will make the hair stronger, healthier and softer. Scruffy and thin hair is no more with their specially formulated beard oil which is bound to give you the ‘look’ you want.

“Our customer feedback has been so positive that SAC’s Facebook page has been bombarded with likes and comments and the orders for our special beard oil have come flooding in, reaching well up to a 1000 per day. What we didn’t anticipate was the amount of men who suffer from this, but we’re extremely happy to help!” says Nofil Barry, Director Marketing of the SAC Group.

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