Before two years Black Friday was an American phenomenon which had no connection with Pakistani customers. But after last year’s successful Black Friday event by different websites, it is becoming a reality in Pakistan too.

Black Friday is the following day of Thanksgiving Day in America and marks the start of Christmas shopping festival.

On Last year’s Black Friday was visited more than 1.5 million times and received 50,000 orders.

Jonathan Doerr the co-CEO of Daraz is expecting more customers on this year’s Black Friday which is on 25th November. He said, “We will reach 70 million Pakistanis, this means 70m people will at least see once an advertisement of Daraz’s Black Friday.”

He also explained that this is not a one-day sale event rather this will promote e-commerce and will build customer confidence in online sales. “We think e-commerce is a sustainable business in Pakistan,” he said.

Last year customers on enjoyed discounts worth Rs. 132 Million which resulted in 55 times more shopping than an average shopping day, breaking all sale records.

And this year there are around 100,000 products on and he expects that, like last year, huge discounts will be offered on all products.

Via: Awamiweb