The newest addition to the family of Dawlance refrigerators, the Low Voltage Startup (LVS) series of refrigerators is designed to cool efficiently even during low voltage

Dawlance-Log-300x60May 30, 2013: Known for its reliability, Dawlance the number 1 home appliance brand of Pakistan has yet again introduced an innovative product that has been especially designed to counter the ongoing energy crisis. The Low Voltage Startup (LVS) series of refrigerators is equipped with technology that ensures regular cooling of the refrigerator even when the voltage power is as low as 135 V. With thicker insulation, the refrigerator is capable of retaining the cooling for up to fifteen hours without electricity.

fridge_black_white_line_art-999pxThe design has been crafted to cater to the decor of every household and caries a spacious interior which is 10% bigger than other refrigerator brands available in the market. These refrigerators are available in a range of sizes to match the need of different household structures. Adding to the plethora of features, its cylindrical handle enables the user to open and close the refrigerator door with much greater ease. What makes this new series more appealing for the masses is that it is light on pocket and heavy at cooling. It is not just the great refrigerator for household needs but can be easily used by institutions like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, universities, etc, and businesses due to its unique ability to work even on low voltage.

Speaking about the LVS series of refrigerators, Mr. Hasan Jameel, head of sales, Dawlance said, “We are expecting our LVS series of refrigerators to become an instant hit among our consumers. These refrigerators address the most pressing food preservation needs of our country and provide the much needed shield from power fluctuations and rising temperatures. Added to this, the refrigerators in this series are available at different price points depending on the refrigerator size so a vast majority of the masses can afford these refrigerators depending on their refrigeration needs and budget.”

Commenting on the new series of refrigerators, Ms. Sehrish Rehan, category manager – refrigerators, Dawlance said, “Our LVS series of refrigerators gives a whole new meaning to convenience. Packed with state-of-the-art technology, these refrigerators will provide consumers with the much needed relief from the regular voltage fluctuation and power outages. In the ongoing heat wave, the food preservation and cooling will now be the least of the worries for home makers as LVS series of refrigerators retain cooling for many hours even during power outages.”

Over the years, Dawlance has successfully maintained a strong foothold in the local market by manufacturing value-driven products that continuously deliver on their brand promise of reliability and have become the need of every other household. Certainly, one of the key factors to Dawlance’s continued success is the fact that it has never failed to deliver on its brand promise and to add the extra punch of wow-fact in all home appliances that are Dawlance made.