The “Cleanliness is half of Faith” drive will be conducted in various areas of Karachi that fall
under the jurisdiction of Karachi Cantonment Board (KCB)

Karachi – 17th April, 2012: KCB has started a cleanliness drive in Karachi which will remain active from 15th April, 2012 to 21st April, 2012. The cleanliness drive aims to inculcate a better sense of hygiene and cleanliness among the residents of Karachi and to improve the overall level of cleanliness in areas that fall under KCB’s jurisdiction. The cleanliness drive titled “Cleanliness is half of Faith” was announced at a high-level meeting presided over by Mr. M. Safdar Bhatti, CEO, KCB in the presence of Ms. Zeenat, Director, KCB.

Talking about the cleanliness week, Mr. Safdar Bhatti said, “Karachi is the biggest metropolis of Pakistan and as a resident of this city, it is our duty to keep it clean. Bearing this responsibility in mind, we have initiated the cleanlinessweek in Karachi. This cleanliness drive shall begin from Cantt. area and will then cover other areas like Aisha Bawany, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Lucky Star, M. A. Jinnah Road, Garden as well as other adjoining areas which fall under the jurisdiction of KCB.” He stressed upon the thought that, “It is an obligation upon every resident to keep their city clean and this responsibility begins from home. It is essential to create awareness among the general public so that more and more people can become a part of this drive and cooperate with the workers of KCB to set an example for the rest of the city and also other major metropolitans of Pakistan.” He emphasized that KCB remains committed to provide a clean and healthy environment to the residents of Karachi.

In the recent past, KCB conducted a Dengue Fever prevention campaign, where they sprayed anti-Malarial and anti-Dengue Fever chemicals across many areas of Karachi. This cleanliness drive is also aimed at keeping the danger of the disease at bay and to provide preventive information to people so that they can protect themselves effectively, especially in the upcoming season when the Dengue Fever is likely to become more rampant. The main reason for the spread of Dengue Fever is the dilapidated condition of the water-drainage system and there is a lot of room for improvement in the system. KCB is involved in many activities through which the spread of Dengue virus can be contained. Additionally, KCB hasinstalled 18 water filters in various areas of Karachi to provide clean drinking water to under privileged people free of cost.

Earlier, KCB had alsoexecuted many projects for the cleanliness of Karachi’s environment and it plans to conduct similar activities and projects in the future so that the people of this lively megalopolis can lead a clean and healthy lifestyle.

For complains and suggestions, residents can call at the following number:
Karachi Cantonment Board office: 021-99204313.