Feroze Gulzar burst three goals in wi-tribe Shahsawars 5-0 triumph over Rangers/Blue Star in the MMA Polo Cup here at the Lahore Polo Club on Thursday.

wi-tribe Shahsawars, right from the beginning, played attacking game and smashed three goals in the first chukker. The first one for the winners came from Nafees Barry while the rest of the two goals in the first chukker were converted by Feroze Gulzar. The winning team did not allow the losers to score even a single goal and remained dominant in the second chukker as well by hitting two goals first from Shah Shamyl Alam and the second one from Feroze Gulzar. No goal was scored in the third and the fourth chukker thus wi-tribe Shahsawars won the match by 5-0 margin.

In another match of the day, Rangers/Blue Star, having half goal handicap advantage, scored for more goals against Guard Group and won the match by four and half goals to one.

In the third match of the day, wi-tribe Shahsawars defeated Guard Group by five goals to half. Feroze Gulzar and Shah Qubilai Alam played superbly for the winners and hammered two goals each while the fifth one was converted by Nafees Barry.  In the last match of the day, eight-star Raja Samiullah steered Quick Link to an impressive 8-4½ goals victory over Sakuf.