Commemorating the World Diabetes Day, air blue team distributed flyers to
all domestic as well as international flights

As part of its CSR initiative, air blue has launched a two week campaign to create awareness about diabetes. Commemorating the World Diabetes Day on 14th November in alliance with Eli Lilly, in the fight against diabetes. Eli Lilli is a multinational pharmaceutical company with leadership in diabetes care.

Air blue team distributed flyers to all domestic as well as international flights and also placed standees at its sales office counters across Pakistan, to create awareness.

Pakistan, at this moment in time, has the world’s 7th largest diabetic population in the world and there is a grave danger as per the statistics that this number is going to double to around 18 million people by 2015.

Talking about its Diabetes campaign, Air blue GM commercial Mr. Raheel Ahmed said, “As part of this year’s ambitious agenda, we are putting all efforts to make an even better impact by reaching out to maximum audience. For the two week duration of the campaign, we have been distributing flyers to all domestic and international flights and have placed diabetes-specific standees at our sales office counters across Pakistan to highlight the need for people to take proactive measures against this disease. This is a global CSR initiative taken by leading pharmaceutical multinationals and we stand with them against this deadly epidemic.”

Air blue joined this global cause in 2010 to voice the UN hallmarked World Diabetes Day. This platform has proved to be significantly effective in its outreach to create awareness among the people of Pakistan to take effective precautions against this serious ailment.