As part of the project, SAP announced the deployment of its key ERP solutions at Agriauto Industries Limited to help the company achieve sustainable growth 

 To stay on top of their business, Agriauto Industries Limited chose ERP solutions offered by SAP in order to make the best use of its business resources. IBM is the implementing partner.

As part of this project, SAP analyzed the business requirements of Agriauto Industries Limited and suggested them the most suitable mix of ERP modules to facilitate the management in achieving corporate excellence and sustainable growth.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Hassan Jamal, Country Liaison Manager, SAP Pakistan said,

“We look forward to support Agriauto Industries Limited with the deployment of SAP ERP modules. SAP Pakistan has been serving the business improvement needs of local businesses for several years and has the unique capability of helping businesses achieve their best by offering them solutions specific to their particular needs. As part of the implementation process, we will provide training to the relevant employees of Agriauto Industries Limited to help them understand how to get the best out of the SAP ERP solutions and achieve maximum business benefits.”

Talking about the introduction of SAP ERP modules within the Agriauto Industries Limited system, Mr. Fahim Kapadia, CEO, Agriauto Industries Limited said,

“Agriauto Industries Limited is one of the most respected business entities in Pakistan’s Auto Industry. Since our inception, our business has become known for best business practices in the industry and we want to make every effort to not only maintain but exceed this reputation.”

Appreciating the ERP solutions offered by SAP Pakistan, Mr. Yutaka Arae, Chairman, Agriauto Industries Limited said,

“As part of improving our business processes to achieve more ambitious targets, our team has decided to induct SAP ERP modules within our business setup because our team is thoroughly convinced about the efficacy of solutions offered by SAP.”