Lotte Pakistan PTA extends food, tents and medical supplies to flood victims in the Badin District and reached out to the most difficult-to-access areas

Karachi: Lotte Pakistan PTA (Lotte PPTA), a subsidy of LOTTE,  one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates operating in Pakistan has recently taken the noble initiative of extending a hand of help and support to the flood victims of the Badin District. Recently, Lotte PPTA employees visited the flood affected areas of Deh Chandaile 2 & 3 and Taluka Tando Bago, in the Badin District.

Giving hope to the despaired flood affected families; Lotte PPTA has so far reached out to approximately 475 families. With a well chalked out plan, a list of affected people had been prepared with the help of Mr. Asif Jan Siddiqui, District Division Officer (DDO), Taulka Tando Bago.  Based on this list which included names and national ID card numbers of those affected in the area, the Lotte PPTA team visited each village, distributing food supplies, medicines and water.

With widespread disease and malnutrition as the two main issues being faced by the flood victims, Lotte PPTA distributed food bags each containing Rice, Flour, Sugar, Pulses (Dal), Cooking oil, Dry Milk, Tea, 1.5 Liter Water packs and Biscuits. Various medicines for chest infection, vomiting, diarrhea, painkillers, skin infection ointments etc were also distributed. With the help of local doctors from the Government Hospital, Tando Bago, the Lotte PPTA team set up on-the-spot medical camps and provided medication to the flood affectees.

Amongst all other turmoil, the matter of dispersion due to absence of dry ground is the most adverse. Lotte PPTA addressed this need by providing tents to flood affected families. Wrecking havoc for the underprivileged masses, the recent floods and rains have left thousands in despair. With inaccessible areas and difficult transport routes, Lotte PPTA was the first to reach the villages of Urs Qambrani, Ahmad Jamali, Ghani Dhal, Hadji Alam Jamali and Natha Kholi. (As per the local sources).

Lotte PPTA, over the years, has taken considerable initiatives to help build the community and extending a hand of support to the flood victims is one such effort. With an aim to create positive community development and an environment that fosters societal uplift, Lotte PPTA looks forward to future opportunities of positively contributing to the society.