SAP® Smart Meter Analytics and SAP® COPA Accelerator Software Will Enable Companies to Transform the Way They Work

Karachi — 20th September, 2011 — SAP AG announced two new solutions built on SAP HANA™, the company’s in-memory computing platform. With the platform, SAP is renewing its existing applications and delivering an entirely new class of applications that changes the way people think, work, plan and operate.

The two new solutions – SAP® Smart Meter Analytics software powered by SAP HANA and SAP® COPA Accelerator software – were developed by SAP product and design teams working in close collaboration with customers, using design-thinking principles that work from the end-user needs backward. For example, these new applications are designed to give people real-time insight into “big data,” allowing them to leverage vast amounts of information for analysis, planning, forecasting and simulations in a more fluid, natural way versus traditional approaches that are rigid, sequential and time-consuming.

According to Forrester Research, SAP has emerged as the leading advocate of in-memory computing technology as a key pillar of its innovation strategy:

“[SAP] HANA allows SAP to develop innovative new applications that can consume and analyze massive volumes of data in near real time while also providing a cost-effective, elastic computing platform.”

With the SAP HANA platform, companies now can run complex analyses such as simulations and pattern recognition in seconds, enabling sweeping innovations in the way they run their businesses. SAP HANA delivers the following core capabilities: Single database with native support for row and columnar data stores, Powerful and flexible data calculation engine, SQL and MDX interfaces, Unified information modeling design environment, Data repository to persist views of business information, Data integration capabilities for accessing SAP — the SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse component, the SAP® ERP application, etc. — and non-SAP data sources as well as Integrated life-cycle management.

“There is massive simplification happening all around us. Layers are being dissolved at an unbelievable pace; people, businesses, data and machines are becoming more directly connected. This cycle of connectedness leads to disintermediation of layers, which drives end-users to become more empowered and demand better user-experience. This is leading to a fundamental renewal and reshaping in the IT industry, and SAP HANA is helping to drive this change” said Hassan Jamal, Country Liaison Manager SAP Pakistan.

Utilities Turn “Big Data” Into More Sustainable Energy Use for Customers

Utility companies today face an exponential increase in data volume generated by smart meters. SAP Smart Meter Analytics, powered by SAP HANA, aims to help utility companies to instantly turn this “big data” into powerful insights that they can use to develop more tailored customer offerings. With the new in-memory solution, utility companies can help customers adopt more sustainable energy-use practices with planned capabilities, such as: Instantly aggregate and analyze customers’ energy consumption profiles by any dimension or level of granularity such as neighborhood location, home size, and businesses or building type, More precisely segment customers based on energy consumption patterns so utility companies can create more targeted energy-saving programs, for example, carbon emissions reduction plans and Empower customers with direct access to energy usage insights via Web portals and mobile devices connected to the software via Web services.

With real-time access to smart meter data, utility companies can improve fraud detection capabilities and load forecasts, as well as design new rate structures that correspond with energy use patterns.

SAP COPA Accelerator software aims to improve the speed and depth of working with large volumes of financial data. Planned functionality within the software will enable corporate finance departments to: Perform real-time profitability reporting on large-scale data volumes, Conduct instant, on-the-fly analysis of profitability data at any level of granularity, aggregation and dimension, Run cost allocations at significantly faster processing time and Empower business users with easy, self-service access to trusted profitability information.