A London based mobile phone company has unveiled the first ever Facebook phone which has been designed in conjunction with the team behind the popular social network.

With 500 million users worldwide, Facebook is a phenomenon which is growing stronger every day. INQ Mobile are hoping their two new mobile phone designs will tap into the huge appetite for social media amongst the under 30’s.

The INQ Cloud Touch and the INQ Cloud Q were unveiled this week for the very first time. The devices are aimed at the 18-28 year old market and feature a home screen with direct links to the user’s Facebook page allowing easy access to notifications, status updates, friend requests, and photos.

The Android smartphones have introduced Facebook friendly features to replace the traditional applications found on mobiles. For example, the typical calendar usually found on mobiles has been replaced by Facebook Events which also links up with Google Calendar, and the usual phone contacts list has been superseded by a Facebook inspired Friend’s List.

For the convenience of the user, the phone has a single sign-in feature which allows the users to access all of the Facebook features on their smartphone.

The Cloud Touch is due to go on sale in April, while the Cloud Q will be released later in the year. The price of the new Facebook phones is yet to be revealed, however it’s likely to be priced very reasonably in order to attract teenagers and students.

INQ Mobile, the makers of INQ1, the world’s first Social Mobile to integrate email, IM and social networking into a handset in an intuitive way, are planning to launch the first ever Android based Facebook phone. The handset will be named INQ Cloud Touch, whose pre-production version was given a hands on demonstration by INQ channel manager Andrew Bennet, exclusively to TechCrunch TV. The video shows main features of the phone demonstrating how you can flip through the latest status updates, photos and videos and bring up media from the underlying links in an intuitive Flipboard fashion.