Karachi, 18th February, 2011: Dawlance, the no. 1 home appliances brand of Pakistan has announced a new addition to its H-Zone series of Microwave Ovens by introducing DW 391 HZ. This latest microwave oven is the 1st ever microwave oven to introduce 56 built-in recipes which have been developed by Chef Gulzar in accordance with local tastes and preferences.

With the most-wanted cooking features combined in a single microwave oven, DW 391 HZ would give Pakistani housewives a reason to pamper their loved ones with a choice of recipes ranging from traditional Pakistani cuisines to delectable international recipes. DW 391 HZ with its unique grill feature offers an array of recipes for making appetizers, main course meals and deserts.

DW-391 provides healthy living with its Calorie Indicator feature that helps you check the calorie content of the built in recipes for a perfectly balanced and healthy lifestyle. Calorie Indicator displays the approximate calories of the selected auto-menu on the LED. Whereas Deodorizer prevents transfer of odour from one food item to another; it also prevents the oven cavity from developing bacteria in the long run so the user can enjoy a healthy and safe cooking. Deodorizer feature can be used to deodorize the Microwave Oven after cooking or in between re-heating of multiple meals. It’s an easy-to-use, one touch operation with a button placed on the control panel of the Microwave Oven.

The beautiful floral pattern on the microwave door panel makes it a perfect style icon for contemporary kitchen, which is the most frequented part of any home.

Commenting on the announcement of new DW-391 HZ microwave oven, Ms. Naushin Shahid, Category Manager – Microwave Ovens, Dawlance Group of Companies said, “At present, DW-391 HZ is a star model not only for Dawlance but in the market as well. No other Microwave Oven currently offers as many built-in recipes as well as healthy features such as deodorizer and calorie indicator all in one. I’m certain that DW-391 will add new convenience in the lives of all those women who want to cook a special dish for their loved ones everyday.”

The new DW-391 HZ microwave oven, with its smart cooking options, would let women spend less time on cooking and more time with their family. While at the same time, women would be able to offer more variety of dishes to their loved ones.