Ufone has been secretly cooking something under the hood by the name of “Uth Records”. As the name suggests, Uth records will provide opportunities of recording and broadcasting music to young musicians.

The concept for Uth Records revolves around aiding music professionalism for the youth in Pakistan in the form a dedicated youth based music stage through the opportunity to have their music recorded professionally and work on their individual and original compilations with some of Pakistan’s most seasoned musicians and talented producers – some of which will be featured on the Uth Records television show. The idea with Uth Records is to initially start on the level of a) finding talent b) recording talent and c) showcasing such efforts on the TV show itself in order to provide the stage itself for younger lesser known artists.

If you want to send in your demos, you can do so by registering here. You may also send in the demos by posting at the following address

Uth Records
Ufone Marketing Office
IE, Ali Plaza, Jinnah Avenue,
Blue Area

Demos must be in MP3 or WMA format if audio and FLV if video. Please note that 7th Feb is the last date for the submission of demos.