The world is constantly transforming and molding up into a giant pile of wireless connections, waves swirling throughout its corners. The telecom sector has come too far, too far that it is now controlling most of the appliances through one GSM service.

The concept of having whole house connected, all appliances configured and all information willingly routed seems to materialize in our terms of natural life. There has to be the application and IT industries (only if you rank them separately) which will mainly fabricate the future, but the roads where their cars will run, are deployed via complicated and perplexing telecom infrastructure.

Technology for people is technology worthwhile, isn’t it? In the same domain, cars are no exception. Your car acts like a mobile phone which is connected with internet and GPS and you are automatically navigated to your destination. This now makes your car a part of the global network of wireless connections.

Apple, along with other start-ups, seems to work towards revolutionizing the way mankind knew connectivity, and now it is playing a nexus role in accomplishing an ‘all connected future’. It has become possible for cars to navigate themselves to your desired destination by using the navigation applications mated with GPS functionality.

There was a time when telecom analysts just had to focus on telecom companies to predict industry’s future. This paradigm had changed way back. 2010 has been an exemplary year to see how closely bonded telecom, IT, media and application industries are. Now an anticipated update is a bond between some electronic appliance maker and a telecom firm, an automobile innovator and a telecom enthusiast, so on and so forth.

Soon multitude of organizations will be discussing on assortment of possibilities. Nothing is there which cannot happen. May be, what your are imagining now…is being achieved somewhere far away.