Last week I got my hands on X3-02, the first touch and type phone from Nokia powered by S40 OS. Generally X3-02 is a slim, casual and easy to carry in pocket phone. The device comes with usb cable, charger and headsets.

On front side the set has half body on touch screen of 2.4in while the other half has the key pad/num pad. The touch screen is resistive in nature and quite responsive. The num pad is not the usual one but is a 4×4 with 0, # and * keys on  the right instead of the bottom. This is something one may take time to get used to. On the top most row are the keys for call, message, music player and call end. Below the num pad are the on board speakers which give a good streamline shape to it.

The back side of the phone has a 5MP camera and aluminum battery cover. Removing the back cover we have the battery, micro SD card slot and SIM slot. The lock button is on the right side along with volume keys.

The top has the 3.5mm jack, micro usb port and standard charger port.

The touch screen allows easy select/change for widgets and is not over gimmicked. The main menu has all the standard S40 features.

The calender gets it self used by the touch screen to add reminders or notes.

The contacts browsing can be done by either scrolling up/down the screen or using the num pad.

The Music player plays well and the sound on loud speakers is well amplified.

The photo feature has the basic tweak utilities with quick and simple interface. The camera lacks flash thus giving not so good results for indoor pictures, but better for outdoors. In video mode the resolution appears to fall and the recording is not so clear.

The standard web-browser performs well but Opera Mini also installed by default in the Apps gives a much smoother browsing experience. The device comes with WiFi and Blue tooth connectivity.

Apps are standard and more can be download from Ovi store. The default games are not much entertaining.

The phone awaits its official launch and is expected to come in price bracket of Rs. 13,500-14,500. Overall, for people with taste for both touch and type, this is a recommended piece.