10 Billion ,  now that’s a milestone ,   it’s like everyone in the world has downloaded approx. 1.5 app off Apple Store and that too on only a handful of models comprising of iPhones , iPod and iPads . That’s an achievement which many App Store opertors dream about , forget how many paid or free apps were sold , 10 Billion is a big number to achieve and Apple has proved that it could be done

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To commemorate this achievement , Apple is giving away a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card on the 10 billionth download so keep the counter in view a the numbers are flying fast at amost 1000 apps per second , at the current rate expect within 60.8 hours or  2.5 days from today 15th Jan 2011 , Apple store will hit 10 Billion downloads , for now it stands at 9.781450000 Billion downloads

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