Djuice has increased the maximum numbers of FnF limit. Now Djuice customers can add 15 numbers in their FnF list.

With this offer Djuice customers will now be able to fully customize their FNF portfolio according to their needs,  and use up to 15 FnF numbers whether off net, on net or international  – fully customizable.

Call rates to FnF numbers will be based on your package plans, for instance:

  • Call rate for on-net FnF will be 50 paisas/30 seconds
  • Call rate for Djuice Simple on on-net FnF is Rs. 4 per hour from 11 PM to 8 AM
  • Djuice Jagtay Raho subscribers can make free calls to on-net FnF from 1 AM to 6 AM (5 Paisas per call)
  • With Boltay Jao offer, call for on-net FnF numbers are charged at Rs. 1.5 plus tax per hour – round the clock.
  • Off-net calls are charged at Rs. 1 plus tax per 30 seconds

How to activate:

  • Activation Mechanism: Dial 555 and press 4 to add your Friends and family numbers

For more details call helpline